We look forward to getting to know you and hope that our relationship continues for a long time to come.

Q: What is it like?

A: You are welcome to worship with us, no matter who you are! Our worship usually lasts a little over an hour, but there's lots of participation throughout. Worship is liturgical, which means we follow an order of service and use a common lectionary for scriptual readings.  There is a time for confession and forgiveness, a time for prayer, a time to hear God's word, and a time to share in communion.  And, there is lots of singing and music throughout the service!  

Q: What about my kids?

A: Kids of all ages are welcome to actively participate in worship. Activity bags are available to help entertain younger children, and Scripture-related activity sheets and childrens' bulletins are available for the older children. Sunday School for all ages is available after worship.

Q:  What do I wear?

A:  People wear comfortable clothes that reflect their personalities. The pastor usually takes his shoes off for worship to honor the fact that we are on holy ground.

Q:  How can I get connected?

A:  Someone will probably approach you and introduce themselves if you come in the sanctuary. There are always announcements about opportunities for involvement at the beginning of worship. If you have specific questions, or don't see something you're interested in, please ask any one of us. Chances are somebody's doing it, or wants to start doing it!