Who We Are

We are a Christ-centered church, passionately proclaiming Jesus Christ in Word and Deed. We value:

Spiritual Growth

We continue learning and growing and deepening our relationships with God and one another.

Healing and Reconciliation

We seek to promote wholeness and well-being, for example, learning to forgive as we have been forgiven by God through Jesus.

Service, Stewardship and Outreach

We value being part of the community and serving Christ by serving our neighbors and being good stewards of the environment.


We are blessed by our differences. We’re not rich or poor, educated or not–we’re all those things… and more.


We believe that God would have us welcome all people–as God has welcomed us.

Worship Elements
We want to be always growing in relationship with Christ.

Worship contains confession and forgiveness, hymns, Scripture reading, a sermon,  prayers, the creeds, the Lord's prayer,  communion.

Scripture is a living, active connection with God. We journey together to follow the teachings of Jesus.

Communion is for all who desire to participate in the body of Christ and it is celebrated at every worship service.